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Coronavirus – Awareness Presentation

Covid-19 has become a global pandemic and world leading countries are still trying to develop its vaccine. In current situation many counties including China, Italy have been completely shutdown, other countries such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, Germany and USA have decided to close their borders due to the menace of Coronavirus. It is predicted that very soon other countries will follow in the foot-steps of these countries. School, Universities and offices will be the first to shut operations. Almost all media out lets, hospitals and other organizations are running awareness campaigns, so that people can take precautionary measures against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This presentation is designed so that it can be used in Offices and educational institutions as an awareness presentation. Furthermore this is a completely editable presentation template, so that people can use it to update and add new information to it. All the information related to Coronavirus and the statistics are totally authentic and up-to-date (data taken on March 16. 2020) and have been taken from World Health Organization, Centers of Disease Control & Prevention and Worldometer.

This presentation is a digital kit designed for offices, schools and universities, to raise awareness and share with people and equip them with the information required to fight against Coronavirus.

Topics Related to Coronavirus in this presentation:

  • What is Coronavirus
  • Coronavirus Symptoms
  • How it spreads?
  • Know how you can protect yourself from Coronavirus?
  • How you can help protect others from COVID-19?
  • Graphs of Existing COVID-19 Cases, Recovery and death Stats
  • Top five countries with the most number of COVID cases and other country-wise statistics
  • World Map with number of cases in different countries, this map is totally editable so that you can ad more countries and other information
  • A COVID-19 Timeline, explaining how it started and what is the current status
  • Links to most important websites to keep updated about COVID-19
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9 screen layout, but you can change it to 4:3 but it will mess up some background graphics
  • Convert-able to PDF, PNG or JPG formats for soical media posts and for sharing on WhatsApp
  • Use as Free Google Slides Templates  or Download as PowerPoint template on your laptop, mobile or tablet

You can Download this Coronavirus Digital Kit as PowerPoint Template or Google Slides Template:

With this presentation template you will have all types of Content covered. Like Single column, double and multi column slides with images. You have tables, maps and infographics to display your timelines or processes. Also the last slide contains an icon set which is absolutely wonderful.

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Courtesy: All the content in this presentation (Digital Kit) is taken from WHO (World Health Organization) , CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention), Worldometers & Aljazeera

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