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Executive Plus – CV Template – Why CV design is important?

Free Resume Template
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Executive Plus – CV Template

Why CV design is important

Think about this, you get a call for a job interview from an organization you are dying to join. Now think about how will you dress-up for that interview, of course you will wear your best dress, make your hair properly, and polish your shoes. You will do all that to make your first impression the best, but what about your curriculum vitae, which is the first thing the hiring guy gets his eyes on before you get that interview call. Now visualize the HR guy who have two CVs in front of him. The first one is a plain white paper filled wall to wall with text, just like almost every other curriculum vitae. Now the second resume in front of the HR guy is a well-designed, well-spaced, properly divided into different sections with headings. Which one do you think the HR guy will take interest in?

Obviously the second one, because it stands-out of the crowd of plain white text filled CVs. A recruiter or hiring personnel go through hundreds of CVs every day. To catch their attention your resume needs to be visually appealing which means it should be designed properly and  depict your personality. This will not only catch the attention of recruiters but also give them the idea that you have spent time in designing your resume. Which means you are serious about your career and have a professional behavior.

Increase Your Chances of Getting a Job with this Amazing Free CV Template

In order to get grab the attention of your potential employers it is necessary that you put time and energy in your resume. It is not easy to design a CV without the expertise of professional design software it is impossible to design a perfect CV. There are tons of CV templates available free and paid as well, you can get free CV template for Microsoft word, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator etc. However you need expertise in Adobe software and almost all Word format CV templates are useless and crappy.

Here on you can get professional looking PowerPoint CV templates, which are highly user friendly and easy to edit free resume template. With modern design, professional color palettes and most of all sleek fonts. Although it is tempting to use different fonts but it is better to use just one or maximum two typefaces for your curriculum vitae, to make it more subtle and easy to read.


This free CV template is suitable for management, marketing and graphic design related folks, no matter if you are a manager, an executive or a graphic designer. No need to waste your money and time on paid or free resume builder (s), just click on the Download button below and get a free CV template instantly, no sign up, no registration required.

Key Features of this Free CV Template:
  • A4 Size
  • Print Ready
  • Easy to Edit
  • Drag and Drop Image – Picture Holder for your photo at the top
  • Different Sections such as Resume Objective, Education, Experience, Skills for resume, Contact and Software Skills
  • Minimalistic design
  • Free Google Fonts (Roboto & Raleway)
  • Totally editable (you can change anything from design to color of the CV template)
  • Convert-able to PDF, PNG or JPG formats. Convert your CV into PDF, PNG or JPEG and share it via WhatsApp if you are in a hurry
  • Amazing Design
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