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PowerPoint templates and Google Slides For Teachers
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Awesome – PowerPoint & Google Slides For Teachers

Hi everyone! Teachers out there know that it is very difficult to find good google slides for teachers. Its because of this reason we decided to design some PowerPoint templates and Google Slides for teachers. Now this in a really fun-filled presentation template with almost everything in place. Even if you don’t have expertise in PowerPoint or Google Slides you can still use this template with great ease.

All slides are designed via Master Slides so you can insert any of the eleven master slides whenever you want with a single click. Slides are designed keeping the type of content in mind: there are Title Slides, Break Slides, Single and multiple content column (s) with pictures. If you are well versed in PowerPoint you can also change/edit all the background graphics pretty easily.

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PowerPoint Templates & Google Slides For Teachers:

  • Education themed 18 amazing slides
  • Master slides ready to use with just a single click – 13 Master Slides in total
  • Insert pictures hassle free with just a few click with custom image holders
  • Cool Background graphics: Edit background graphics with ease via Master Slides
  • 1 X Process Chart – created with smart art with multiple design and color options
  • 1 X Timeline infographic – can be used to make a course timeline or whatever you desire
  • Both Google Slides theme and PowerPoint template are designed with aspect ratio 16:9
  • 1 X editable world map
  • You also get a icon set free at the end of the template –  all icons are fully editable
  • Use as Google Slides themes or Download as PowerPoint theme on your laptop, mobile or tablet
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We have the best Google Slides and PowerPoint designs – designed for teachers, managers, entrepreneurs, legal executives and  for people in finance etc. Also Slidehood has great CV templates, so if you are looking to revamp your resume you can download them here: CV Templates  All presentation templates are designed aesthetically with fun functionality, free infogrphics,  free icon set Android, iPhone, website mock ups are also included in all presentation templates. All these presentation templates are designed to make your presentation making process a little easier which helps you save time and focus on other important things. We are still growing and with time more and more presentation templates will be added to Slidehood, so keep visiting and stay in touch with us on Facebook.

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  1. Grace says

    I really like these templates! I’ve downloaded many of them and will use them in the future! Thank you so much!

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