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UPBEAT – PowerPoint and Google Slides Template Plus How to Create a Master Slide

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UPBEAT – PowerPoint and Google Slides Template Plus How to Create a Master Slide

We I thought why don’t I give a PowerPoint tool tip or trick with each Presentation template. It would be more useful for you guys so let’s start with our first tip. Now you would have heard about Master Slide, so what is a Master slide, how does it work, why should we use Master Slide. But first a little about this template. Well it’s a Memphis design which I love. As usual it is available as both PowerPoint and Google Slides template. It has thirteen predesigned Master slide layouts which are the best thing about our presentation templates. You don’t need to copy slides again and again you just need to go New Slide on Home tab and select a layout you like. The thirteen master layouts contain Tile Slide layout, Title plus 1,2 and 4 text columns with picture holders, Break slide layout and Quote Slide layout.

All you want to know about PowerPoint Master Slide

Well let’s start which What is a Master Slide, to be very specific, if you want a logo, company name, contact details or a design element on all your slides you can use the Master slide. Now to view the master slide you go to the VIEW tab and then click on Master Slide in Master Views, on the Left side of the top menu ribbon. After clicking on Master slides you’ll see all the slides and the slides list on the left slide have changed. The slide on the very top is called Master Slide, all slides below are call Master layouts. If you want to place a logo etc. on all slides at once just place it on the Master Slide and you are done you would not need to place the logo or a design element on all the slides one by one.

Let us learn How to Create a Master Slide


    Now what are Master Layouts? These are pretty fun things you know. Any presentation has a specific type of content combination in its slides such as, a text box plus an image, or two text boxes and two images and a video or a text box a graph and an image, a slide can also contain just a picture, or smart art or a flowchart. These are all different content combination any presentation will have so Master layouts are there to predesign these layouts and insert them whenever you want one in a presentation. The purpose of this is to save time designing same type of slides or copying the design elements again and again.

    • Go to view tab in the top menu on the main screen
    • Now go to Master slide on the left side of the top menu
    • Now you have entered the Master Slide mode in the top menu you’ll see a new Slide Master menu tab which will appear on the left side before Home tab
    • The first slide in the slides list on the left of the screen is called Master Slide and the rest are called Master layouts
    • In Master Slide menu from left to right you’ll see the following options:
      • “Insert Slide Master”
      • “Insert layout”
      • “Insert Placeholder” – this is used to place a text box, a picture holder, chart, table, smart art, a media file or a combination of these on a master slide or layout
    • Next you have Title or Footer check boxes
    • Then comes Themes – here you can insert a new design theme or edit a current design theme
    • Next comes Colors, Fonts, Effects and Background Styles
      • Click on Colors to select from a large list of built-in color themes for your presentation or make your own color theme
      • Click on Fonts to choose from a list of predefined different. Font combination for Headings and Body Text font or make you own combination. By clicking on Customize Fonts at the bottom of the drop down list
      • Effects option is to have similar themed effects on all shapes and design elements you use in your presentation. Such as all shapes to have similar shadow, reflection, gloss etc.
      • Then comes background graphics use this in Master Slide to have similar background in all you slide. If you want to change the background in any of your master layouts click on hide background graphics check box right below the Background Styles drop-down menu
    1. Then comes slide size where you can select different slide size options ranging from most commonly used sizes.  Such as widescreen 16:9 or standard (4:3) or click on custom size at the bottom of the drop down menu to open custom slide size menu. Here you can select slide orientation portrait or landscape. You can enter custom width and height or select from a list of predefined sizes in Slide Sized for on the left of the menu.  There are a number of different sizes ranging from A4 Paper size to 35mm slides
    2. While in Master Slide mode you can use all other menu tabs such as Home, Insert, Transition, Animation, Review &View.
    3. To exit Master Slide view, click on Slide Master in the Top menu and then click on Close Master View at the extreme right of the top menu.

    To make it really simple you can use all the menu tabs such as Home, Format, Transitions, Animations, Review & View. Working on master slide is just like working on any presentation (only designing part) so that you don’t have to design the slides again & again.

    Free  PowerPoint and Google Slides Template:

    • 18 unique themed slides
    • 13 master slides
    • Circular, rectangle and custom picture holders – insert images instantly
    • Highly editable background graphics via master slide
    • A free editable world map 
    • One Smart Art Process Chart Infographics to visualize your process
    • Aspect Ratio 16:9 screen layout, but you can change it to 4:3 but it will mess up some background graphics
    • Also you get 70 totally free editable icons
    • Convert-able to PDF, PNG or JPG formats
    • Use as Free Google Slides Template  or Download as PowerPoint template on your laptop, mobile or tablet

    With this presentation template you will have all types of Content covered. Like Single column, double and multi column slides with images. You have tables, maps and infographics to display your timelines or processes. Also the last slide contains an icon set which is absolutely wonderful.

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