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A freshly baked creative design, with a combination of yellow and grey. This is a multipurpose Yellow Google Slides and PPT presentation template and anyone can use it for any type of presentation. From businessmen to teachers anyone can use this presentation template. This presentation template has all the goodies to make your presentation look absolutely professional with in half the time. The best thing about this presentation template is custom picture holders, you can insert images in your presentations with in no time.  All images in this slide deck are easily changeable via picture holder, so just need to drag and drop images. However picture holders do not work in Google Slides. This template is suitable for any type of presentation, marketing presentations, school presentations, sales presentations and corporate profiles. If you are good at  PowerPoint you can simply go to slide master and change the background color, similarly you can also do that in Google Slides.

The template comes up with 12 ready to use layouts, and 18 beautifully designed  themed slides, all slides are editable, you also get 70 editable totally free icons, along with two awesome info-graphics – a Timeline (NEW DESIGN) and a Process chart. Timelines are used for a number of data representations such as showing your progress on a time scale. Usually timelines are to show a journey from one starting point to another, but I guess you already know it and I do not have to be so explanative.

The other info-graphic included in this presentation template is a process chart; I designed this using Smart Art in PowerPoint, which means you can change it just by clicking on it and then clicking on the design tab in the top tool bar. If you are unable to do so, you can leave a comment and I will get back to you with a little tutorial.

Presenter – Totally Free Yellow Google Slides & PowerPoint Template:

  • You’ll get 18 awesomely designed slides
  • 12 ready to use layouts with just one click
  • Super doper drag and drop images with Picture holders in PowerPoint version
  • An amazingly designed Timeline Template (NEW DESIGN) / Timeline Infographic
  • A Process Chart Infographic to visualize your process
  • Super Background Graphics
  • All layouts are Editable via Master slide (if you know how to use it ;D . If you don’t know it you can ask me just leave a comment)
  • Unique color theme, which is easy to change
  • A free editable world map, to show how you are going to take over the world
  • Also you get 70 totally free editable icons
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9 screen layout, but you can change it to 4:3 but it will mess up some background graphics
  • Convert-able to PDF, PNG or JPG formats
  • Download as PowerPoint Templates or use as Google Slides Templates on your laptop, mobile or tablet
  • That is it! What else do you want? I am not going to make that presentation for you, go and get that presentation going, half of your work is done!
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This is a NO REGISTRATION | NO SIGN IN WEBSITE, which means… I think you know what it means it is pretty clear and you seem like a smart person. So let me tell you a bit about Slidehood, it is one of the best free resource for PowerPoint Templates and Google Slides Themes online! Especially Yellow Google Slides & ppt templates. What? you don’t believe me? Go on and search the internet! My templates are aesthetically beautiful and more functional which means they just don’t look good they are completely customize-able. Whether you are a teacher or a student, a fashion designer or an architect, a marketing executive or a business manager, you will find the type of presentation template you are looking for.

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Currently we have four categories Business, Education, Multipurpose and Creative Templates, however we are soon coming up  with more amazing niche categories to cater more field specific presentation templates.

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